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Model Power Size CRI Light Effect(lm/w)
OST-BK3-20W 20w 121*95.5*27mm >80 80-90lm/w
OST-BK3-30W 30w 160*122*30.5mm >80 80-90lm/w
OST-BK3-50W 50w 206*160*30.5mm   >80 80-90lm/w
OST-BK3-100W 100w 270*210*30mm >80 80-90lm/w
OST-BK3-150W 150w 330*250*32mm >80 80-90lm/w
OST-BK3-200W 200w 370*270*32mm >80 80-90lm/w
1. The product material is die-casting aluminum 2. In order to better heat dissipation, the back heat sink is specially thickened, so that the heat dissipation is about 50% better than the ordinary one. 3. Longer warranty period, the warranty period of lamps made by OSTOOM is 3-5 years, which makes you more cost-effective. 4. OSTOOM can design product pictures for customers for free, and customers can see 100% of the same renderings as the products as long as they provide simple artwork. 5. The ultra-thin appearance makes your shipping cost lower. Compared with BK2 for products with the same power, our BK2 has a thinner appearance.1. Modular design of aluminum materials, lamps are mainly made of high-grade aluminum materials by integrated stamping, with outstanding high corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity. 2. Stainless steel screws are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and heat resistance. 3. Accurate and professional light distribution. 60-degree, 90-degree, 70x145-degree lenses are optional to meet the application needs of different scenarios. 4. High-quality driving power supply, using IC constant current driving power supply, high precision, anti-surge waterproof design, high power factor, stable performance, can be customized according to customer requirements. 5. Widely used in road tunnel lighting, municipal engineering lighting, dock lighting, stadium lighting, architectural lighting, outdoor advertising lighting and other lighting needs. 6. The waterproof grade is IP65, which is safer and more reliable. It adopts the sealing technology of silicone ring, which has better waterproof ability and can be used in harsh outdoor environments. 7. Flexible lamp body bracket, the lamp head can adjust the illumination angle at will, which can be matched with different outdoor needs. 8. Aluminum heat sink, high thermal conductivity, strong corrosion resistance, low surface temperature, high heat dissipation efficiency and long service life. 9. Modular design, free splicing, module wattage can be superimposed and combined, splicing in four directions, up, down, left, and right. Provide high-power lighting output to meet the needs of large lighting places. High lumen instant start, no stroboscopic, stable performance, strong anti-static ability. 10. Die-cast aluminum material, strong and stable, anti-cracking and deformation, suitable for various outdoor working environments, the best choice for engineering styles.

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